The New (Old) Blog

So I’ve had this blog here for over a year, but I’ve only just started actually doing anything with it.  I’ve maintained a blog before at livejournal, but that blog is now pretty much defunct.  In fact, I think I locked all the posts just because it just isn’t really relevant anymore.  I used it more or less for the same purposes people now use Facebook, and as such, it no longer really works for me in that regard.

Some of the things I’ve been engaging myself with in recent weeks:

1.  Make time daily for Pluralsight.  I’ve had the subscription for a while, but have not been good about making time to use it.  My current approach is to do about an hour of a course every day minimum, and make sure that whatever concept is covered is something I have no questions about by the end of that hour.  Currently I’m sort of doing a little review of C# with Scott Allen’s C# Fundamentals.  It’s pretty basic stuff, but my rationale is that it never hurts to reinforce the basics.  That and I’m also examining how the basics are taught and approached so that I can potentially do the same thing in the future.

2.  Reading blogs.  The latest one I’ve come across is Iris Classon’s which appeals to me largely because she’s apparently gone from taking her first intro courses in programming to being a Microsoft MVP in about a year.  Obviously she did this by working her rear off, but there’s hard work and then there’s hard smart work.  She seems to have done both with a healthy splash of creative thinking.

3.  Walking:  Not really programming related, but I promised myself I’d walk at least 2 miles after work to try and get myself moving again.  I haven’t been running as much as I’d like and I figure the best way to get my momentum back is to do what I did 3 years ago:  Walk long distances until walking got to be not enough.  I’m thinking that it won’t take as long as it did last time since last time I was in much worse shape.  I mention it here because I’m a firm believer that how you feel physically directly influences how your brain works, and walking along the trail near my house is a great time for clearing cobwebs and sharpening the mind.

4.  Local groups.  I’ve been looking primarily on Linkedin and Meetup for local developer groups so I can be more connected to my local network.  I’d been to a few meetings a few years ago, but my schedule got so ridiculously full that it became impossible to plan anything less than 6 months in advance.  Having cleaned up my schedule, that will hopefully change.  I’d hoped to make it to a CMAP meeting at the beginning of the month, but the government shutdown happened the same day, and I just wound up going home and yelling at the TV instead.  Next month hopefully.  In the meantime, I’m hoping to attend at least one group by the end of the month and make that more of a regular thing.