So, neglecting this blog yet again, and thus more or less defining it’s entire existence as one of neglect, I am once again returning to it.

In doing so, I ask myself, why have I been so rotten at updating this blog? What is my problem, in short?

The answer is simple: I’ve been unfocused in my non-working hours.

This is, in part, a result of my work environment at home. Basically I’ve not really had a consistent one. My den became, well, sort of a pile of stuff with a door on it. This weekend, (well, today) has been devoted to reversing this trend and getting rid of the extraneous things in my work area that make it an unfocused environment.

This is a good beginning, but even when the task of decluttering is complete (and it has a way to go), there is the question of what to do with the space that remains. My experience is that when you create a hole in your life, something is going to fill it. If you don’t consciously choose what will fill it, then it will fill itself with whatever is familiar to that environment. In other words, simply removing clutter from a room is not enough unless you do something with the space you create that will help prevent the recurrence of clutter.

So, the plan is to do the following:

  • Finish the process of decluttering the workspace by remaining anything that either serves no purpose or has no value.
  • Take what remains and organize it into logical collections, whether that be papers, devices, tools, etc.
  • Look at solutions for organizing what remains and find the one that is conducive to focus.
  • Implement the above solutions as inexpensively as possible.

As I work better when I document my work, I will use this space for documenting my progress.  This will not, however, be the only use for this blog.  I have a project in mind, and I plan to execute said project either here, or on a blog connected to this one.  It probably will not commence until the Fall, after I’ve had the opportunity to do some requisite research into the feasibility and scope of the project, but for now, I’m reasonably confident that it is a doable and worthwhile project.  More to come on that soon.

So, I am back, hopefully to stay this time.  Maybe someone will actually even want to read this thing.


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