Upgrades and Maintenance

So, September seems to be the month of upgrades for me. The more significant upgrade is probably the installation of a brand new gas stove after suffering 12 years of a dinky electric stove. Suffice to say, I am in love.

Professionally, I finally bit the bullet and upgraded my laptop to Windows 10. I’d resisted an upgrade for a long time because I REALLY liked Windows 7, and had heard various horror stories about Windows 8. However, having decided that it was time to catch up to Microsoft (and having backed up all of the significant files on my laptop like a champ), I decided the time had come.

I was a little nervous (and still am) because the last time I upgraded the OS of a laptop, I didn’t do a proper job of checking the effects of the upgrade on the system, and consequently, it fried the motherboard. (or at least the video card, but same diff since it was integrated, and I couldn’t do much without a screen)

So, last night, while (sort of) watching Heroes Reborn and Fear the Walking Dead, I ran the upgrade. The mention of the aforementioned shows should give you an idea of how long it took. Yes, the better part of 2 1/2-3 hours.

I didn’t have much time to do anything with it once the upgrade was complete, but the initial thing I noticed is that my laptop didn’t seem to be running any hotter than usual. I’d read that this had been happening with other machines doing a similar upgrade.

Now, even though it seems to have taken the upgrade in stride (hopefully, my tactic of buying a higher end model when I picked up this computer 4 years ago made it more resilient to upgrades), I will be uninstalling a lot of bloat ware that I’ve been wanting to get rid of anyway. Since I probably won’t get to do it until after I get back from Visual Studio Live in New York, I’ll document what I get rid of in a future post.

As for Visual Studio Live, I leave for that on Sunday. I won’t be bringing the upgraded laptop, but rather my work laptop which is still Windows 7. It should work fine since most of my sessions will focus on Azure. I figure that any goodies I pick up that will be relevant to Windows 10 will largely be reserved for personal projects rather than work projects.

In other news, I’m running again, after a summer full of fits and starts. The solution? Cooler weather and lower humidity.

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